After The Journey

We are constantly working on, the quality of our travel is in the top. That is why we have on these pages, comprehensive information on, How to deal after the journey, for example, if you've forgotten something at the destination or have ris/ros on the journey.

Damaged or lost baggage

Is your baggage damaged, or is it lost in connection with the flight, be sure to review it in the arrivals hall, before you leave the airport, otherwise damage not covered.

Damage occurs in connection with the return journey, the airport must be contacted before this exit, and as proof of the notification you get handed a so-called PIR report, and there shall be replaced in accordance with the applicable rules. It is always a good idea to draw a luggage insurance., as the value of the insured are often higher than the compensation you will get from the airlines and the like.

Forgot cases

If you've forgotten something at the destination, You must contact us immediately after returning home. So we take the call in time and trying to bring it forgot to consider again.

Evaluation of the journey

After returning we transmit electronic mail to you for evaluation (same mail we send tickets and information for). If you have not received this email about. 1 week after homecoming, You should very much like to contact us at, and tell us the, so that we can quickly send an evaluation email to you.


Any complaints are to be for the purpose of remedy on the spot asserted opposite Chris Travel within a reasonable time after, the travelers have discovered the defect. Failure of this will usually result in a loss of the right to later to claim compensation. However, this does not apply, If Chris Travel has acted contrary to common honesty or gross negligence, or if the claim is caused by damage to the traveller's person. Complaints about errors or omissions, which could not be corrected at the destination, must be made in writing to the travel agent no later than 2 weeks after the end of the journey.