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Polis is a small idyllic town, 37 km north of Paphos. It is situated at the mouth of the river Chrysochou, where the ancient city of Marion lay. Marion was formerly an important trade center in the Hellenistic time, and it had important connections to Athens. There are many beautiful houses in the city, which is developing into a peaceful tourist area due to its pleasant climate and its beautiful beaches. On the road, you'll close past the beautiful Akamas Peninsula, where the British have one of their bases. Exciting dishes from Cyprus: Afelia – red wine marinated pork with cilantro. Baklava – Neapolitan cakes filled with nuts and soaked in honey. Choriatiki Salata – Greek Salad consisting of, for example,. cabbage, celery, cucumber, tomato, paprika, olive, feta cheese and fresh herbs. Feta – Sheep Cheese. Halloumi – Goat Cheese, as often grilling. Homus – Chickpeas, oil and parsley stirred into a MOSS. Kleftiko-Lamb casserole cooked in clay oven. Keftedes – Herb savory "Greek" meatballs. Kolokasi – A kind of sweet potatoes or Jerusalem potatoes. Koupepia/dolmades – vinbladsdolmer with rice and kødfars. Loukoumades – Pastries dipped in honey (similar to donuts). Loukomia – Cypriot Marmalade sweets a la Turkish Delight. Lounza – kassler, smoked ham. Moussaka – Gratin of kødfars, Eggplant and bechamel sauce. Meze – Cypriot "buffet" with small hot and cold dishes. Pastitsio-Gratin of makeroni and kødfars. Souvlaki/kebab – Grilled meat on skewers. Sheftalia – Small oblong meatballs. Soujouki-Nødder on string dipped in grape juice
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