During The Journey

When you are on your journey along the way, this information can be good to be aware of.

Flight delays

It seems to, the flights will be delayed due to, for example,. congestion in the skies, technical problems, weather conditions etc.. There should therefore be taken into account, When you arrange transport to/from the airport, and we recommend, that is calculated ahead of time between arrival and the further transport by, for example,. train or domestic flights.

If you are experiencing flight delays you must keep you informed at the airport, and find information about your aircraft on the keen screens, or contact airport information if you are in doubt.

When you land again

Have you ordered disability assistance, so you will you usually helped out of the plane to the last. The aid follows you from the aircraft to the baggage belt – helps with baggage and accompany you on through passport and customs control, where appropriate,. Help assistance ends first, When you arrive at the airport arrival venue or next means of transport (taxi, disability transport or other aircraft).

Is your wheelchair of the manual type, then you get allowed to switch over to the, as soon as you get off the plane. Is your Chair inscribed as "great luggage", then you will run in the airport Chair, until you get your own Chair handed out at the baggage belt.

Is your electric wheelchair been separated more or less ad, so, it is important, that you give clear information about, How to reassemble. A helper, who knows the Chair, is of course good to have with to assist.

It is always a good idea to unplug the Chair's loose parts – e.g. pillow, handle m. v. – and put it in a bag and take it into the cabin.

On the plane

Extra legroom

It is not permissible for a traveller with a disability to sit in the first row or on the benches at emergency exits, where there are typically most legroom. This prohibition is for safety reasons. In the event of an emergency, to the flight crew could quickly come forward.

Food on board the aircraft

On charter flights, meals can be ordered separately, and before departure.

Sale on board the aircraft

Most Charter airlines have a wide range of products at competitive prices, but you can get out of, to a desired item is out of stock.
In order to participate in the full range, it is a good idea to request a product catalog and order the desired goods. A catalog can be ordered via the airline's website, and the items could possibly. ordered online. An order form may also be delivered on the outward journey with the delivery of the desired goods on the return journey.

On journeys within the EU, it is not possible to buy alcohol and tobacco on board, but you can pre-order alcohol (non tobacco).

Special meals

Special meals can be ordered as either vegetarian food, diabetic food or gluten/lactose-free food on most flights. Special meals must be ordered no later than 5 days before departure.