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Greece, Republic in southeastern Europe with a long and complex cultural history. The development of Western culture, including art, Science and the political organizing in democracies, can be traced back to ancient Greece. The modern Greece first got its independence in 1829 and was until the mid-1900-t. a relatively backward agricultural country in Europe. Since then Greece has built up a comprehensive trade, industry and tourism and was in 1981 Member of the EC. Centuries of Turkish occupation, frequent-power interventions as well as periods of great exodus has created a strong ethnic self-awareness among the Greeks in and outside the country. Greece includes the southern part of the Balkan peninsula. After the municipal reform from 1996 the country is divided into 13 regions, 51 counties and 1033 municipalities. Athens is the capital city and has a population of approximately. 3,7 Mio. (Attica region) equivalent to 1/3 of the total population. On the beaches, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery and crystal clear waters. And the warm summer evenings spent best on a cosy Tavern. Enjoy life and the classic Greek Salad with feta cheese, olive, cucumbers, tomatoes and olive oil and oregano.
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    Came to visit with Mrs.. Diamanto! The hotel is located 30 km from Chania airport on the West side of Crete. This hotel is very special, and all guests will experience a warm reception of the hotel's manager, Mrs.. Diamanto. Mrs.. Diamanto creates party and mood and makes an extra effort to all feel welcome and to […]

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    Luxurious accommodation available. Here is a holiday with comfort for all, and with contact to nature. The wonderful climate in the area of Chania, give you a nice relaxing and pleasant vacation on this beautiful island. This hotel offers several services (acquisitions): Beach- and pool towels Doctor (upon request) Electrically operated lift by the pool Heated exterior pool satellite tv […]