A wheelchair may not be taken into the aircraft cabin. It should be checked in with other baggage (Manual chairs) or delivered as "great luggage" (Manual chairs, which cannot be folded together and electric chairs), and it handed out again along with the rest of the luggage.

Is your Chair manuel and collapsible, It must usually be used all the way to the flight's departure gate, where the folds together and put in the hold. A chair with rigid frame and an electric chair delivered as "great luggage". At airports is that thought of people with impaired hearing or vision. Monitors and information boards are set up in the arrival- and departure halls.

The staff at the information counter will be happy to help, If you have trouble reading the texts.

Do you have more than one wheelchair with on the journey

Most airlines allow you to take an extra wheelchair on your journey, but some airlines charge a fee for the 2. wheelchair, and some also charge a fee transfer company, Since the bus must have space for the extra wheelchair.

Information about your wheelchair

We must inform the carrier about, the Chair shall. It is usually not necessary, We provide objective and emphasis on the Chair to the airline, We have made an agreement with, If the Chair is a manual foldable wheelchair.

If, on the other hand, it is a wheelchair with fixed frame or an electric chair, We must have these weights and measures. Such chairs always requires special permission from the airline. An electric chair must have non-spillable battery-. A chair with spillable battery can be carried, but must have the battery removed, If it can not be guaranteed, to the wheelchair with battery will be loaded and stowed in an upright position. The battery should then be packed in a special approved crate.

It's objectives at the entrance to the aircraft, who determines the Chair's (and other bagages) scope and size. Maximum weight of an electric wheelchair is most often 150 kg. Please note that it is up to the airline to decide, about a wheelchair must come with.

Wheelchair users and mobility-impaired

What you should remember, If you use a wheelchair or have started the trouble and need help on your journey

We have tried to list a number of points – which, however, should only be used as a guide.

You must inform, that you use the wheelchair when booking the journey
You will be asked about the extent of your disability, so the airline can arrange for the necessary assistance upon departure and arrival. You can get help, and it's free to bring necessary assistive devices (in a certain place).

In addition, it is necessary, that you inform in advance, If you bring a manual foldable wheelchair, or a manual with rigid frame, or if it is an electric wheelchair, to be included on the holidays. Is the wheelchair electric, so we ask that you also give up height, depth, width and weight on the Chair. It is important, the Chair has a non-spillable battery-– have the wheelchair a spillable battery, It will be rejected. We must also use weights and on the manual wheelchair if it is with rigid frame (not can be merged).

Any information we pass on to the relevant airline, and we get a confirmation of, that things are in order.

Upon departure

Meet-up in good time. Wheelchair users usually comes first into the plane.
Manual wheelchairs checked in along with the rest of the luggage.
An electric wheelchair is delivered as "great baggage" and the user will be transferred to the airport's transport Chair.

We know from experience, that a flight can be harsh on the wheelchair. Therefore, it is wise to unplug everything, that can break or disappear. Remove the loose parts such as the pillow – with the personal hand luggage into the cabin.

There are bags that are made specifically for transporting wheelchairs on travel. You can read about these bags here on the website, or get additional information by contacting Chris Travel.

Remember to bring your barns and possible extra key for the electric wheelchair! Attach the charger to the Chair.