We always recommend to our customers that they've drawn cancellation- and holiday insurance before departure. There are many different insurance companies offering these assurances and many are covered in advance due to their home insurance. Remember to contact your insurance company before departure.

The yellow health card

(In the past the yellow health insurance card – the map covered the previous repatriation. (It should always be supplemented by one of the aforementioned independent insurance in order to obtain sufficient insurance coverage).


Insurance of your wheelchair or other special equipment

Insurance of your kørstol or other special equipment:
Perhaps represents your wheelchair a great value, and you want to insure it during the journey. So you must have a special insurance, and therefore, you must contact your own insurer in good time, and get sign the appropriate insurance. The airlines are replacing only the amount up to about. 1000 Euro.

Chronic disease and your age

If you suffer from a chronic disease, that could require treatment during the voyage, special rules apply. Your health status can mean, that you are not covered compared to the chronic disorder. Talk to your insurance company about it before departure.

Prior approval

If you are suffering from a disorder requiring disease, It may be necessary to seek prior authorisation.

Have you within the last ca. 3 months been hospitalised, sought medical due to acute illness, new or changed in earlier prescribed medications or awaiting further treatment or surgery, You must submit a health questionnaire. Talk to your insurance company about it before departure.

Bankruptcy insurance

When you buy a package tour with Chris Travel is your travel insurance bankruptcy. Chris Travel is a member of rejsegarantifonden, Member 2167.