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Portugal's coastal beaches and cliffs between Mild charm turquoise waves. It is the Algarve, and this beautiful coast offers everything what a vacation desire heart desires. "A paradise!" the British poet Robert Southey wrote in his diary. He was the first tourist Algarve in 1801. The capital Faro Algarve shares in two. To the East is Sotavento, the Lee side, where the coastline creeps obliquely up against Spain and bright beach is located on long islands off to the sea. To the West lies the Barlavento, upwind. It is the Algarve's archetypal holiday park with beautiful rock formations. The Algarve offers warm rays of sunshine year round, and a beautiful resort that can be recommended.
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    Enjoy a relaxing break in the beautiful sunny Algarve in Portugal. There are just small 4 hours of flight time to Faro. Being flown directly from Billund and Copenhagen. It is also possible to travel from other airports, but here, one must expect a stopover. Just 40 minutes from the airport of Faro is this lovely villa, where the owner […]

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    Inviting and luxurious hotel which is located in the Centre of Carvoeiro and ca. 50 meters from the beach, and beach promenade. The hotel was totally refurbished in 2012, and emerging new and delicious, and have a maritime look. The hotel offers swimming pools for adults and children, and a fitness room with indoor heated pool. For the younger guests are […]