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Rheinsberg RH01

Rheinsberg, Germany
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This welcoming hotel is built specifically for wheelchair users and offers its guests comfort and beauty service.

All rooms, apartments and areas for leisure- and sports activities are spacious, comfortable and of course wheelchair-accessible and barrier-free.

Relax in the soothing pool and in the hotel's saunas. Located right in front of the hotel is “Lake Grienerick”, which provides visitors with a beautiful view and beautiful nature.

The restaurant provides regional cuisine, and the hotel's bar offers a bar, who has the perfect height for wheelchair users and there is plenty of room on the dance floor, for wheelchair dancing.

At the hotel there are many opportunities for adventures and excursions for wheelchair users. What about URf.eks. a horse or a boat trip ? There is also the possibility of registration of activities at the hotel, such as, for example,. Bingo, Bowling, gymnastics and other.

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